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Our Story

Our Story

What started as a home-based personal training business in a single garage has now become the standard for personal training in the Southern Peninsula.

Founded on the principals that hard work gets results, 3S Functional Training has helped many clients meet their varied fitness goals.


Our dynamic team offers exciting and challenging workouts making your training more comfortable, in a well-equipped setting, which offers you privacy and peace of mind. 


There might be one or two shortcuts to getting in shape but the reality is, if you want to get in shape you have to do the work. We can make that journey more exciting, while empowering you with knowledge, pushing you to where you didn’t know you could go, and helping you get your desired results, faster.

Meet The Team


Neil Zietsman


As the founder of 3S Functional Training Neil’s focus for training has always been on his clients wants and needs. This individualised approach is what has set the 3S Studio in motion and it has been gathering momentum ever since. Neil is dedicated to his sport of surfing and holds both Provincial and National Championship Titles.

Conrad Birch


Conrad's sport is gyming and just his presence speaks volumes. He loves strength training and its benefits and he passes his years of knowledge on to clients to get them strong, fit and capable. His dynamic workouts have landed his clients in the pages of Men's Health Magazine. Working with world-class athletes and beginners alike Conrad lives, works and breathes his craft.

Meet the team

Jacques Couldridge

Gyrotonics / Personal Training 

Jacques loves to help people move and to move properly. His gyrotonics back ground gives him a solid foundation to help you build up real, usable strength. From end phase rehab through to performance Jacques can guid you on your fitness journey. His passions are surfing, running and cycling.

Our Pilates

Amy Cullinan

BSc in Sport Science / BSc (med) (Hons) in Biokinetics 

Amy has completed a BSc in Sport Science and a BSc (med) (Hons) in Biokinetics. She enjoys working with the elderly, newcomers to exercise and end-phase rehabilitation. Her kind, caring personality will help to move you from pain to performance.

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