Our Story

What started as a home-based personal training business in a single garage has now become the standard for personal training in the Southern Peninsula.

Founded on the principals that hard work gets results, 3S Functional Training has helped many clients meet their varied fitness goals.


Our dynamic team offers exciting and challenging workouts making your training more comfortable, in a well-equipped setting, which offers you privacy and peace of mind. 


There might be one or two shortcuts to getting in shape but the reality is, if you want to get in shape you have to do the work. We can make that journey more exciting, while empowering you with knowledge, pushing you to where you didn’t know you could go, and helping you get your desired results, faster.


Meet The Team


Neil Zietsman


As the founder of 3S Functional Training Neil’s focus for training has always been on his clients wants and needs. This individualised approach is what has set the 3S Studio in motion and it has been gathering momentum ever since. Neil is dedicated to his sport of surfing and holds both Provincial and National Championship Titles.

Conrad Birch


Conrad's sport is gyming and just his presence speaks volumes. He loves strength training and its benefits and he passes his years of knowledge on to clients to get them strong, fit and capable. His dynamic workouts have landed his clients in the pages of Men's Health Magazine. Working with world-class athletes and beginners alike Conrad lives, works and breathes his craft.


Daniel Parsons


As a coach and trainer Daniel’s superpower is his ability to bring numerous different aspects of fitness together seamlessly. Whether it’s helping clients swim uncharted waters (literally and figuratively), improving aspects of sprint or agility performance, or improving recovery time. Daniel and his dedicated manner will help you get there. He holds numerous specialisation certificates including combat trainer, sports massage, Lyno practitioner, athletic nutrition and injury prevention specialist.

Crista Kruger -Zwinkels

BSc (Medicine) (Honours) Exercise Science (Biokinetics) BA (Human Movement Science)

Christa is a certified biokineticist and our rehabilitation and prehabilitation specialist. Her scientific and medical background mean she can help identify injuries and prescribe the relevant exercises. But it’s her understanding of people that helps her connect with her patients on a human level to motivate and inspire them to get back to health.


Jean Miller

Pilates Diploma - Centre for Excellence

A woman of many talents, Jean heads up our pilates classes. Her approach of getting to the core of postural problems has helped a number of clients find their exercise calling.


When it comes to strengthening for lower back pain, post-pregnancy or shoulder tension, Jean helps to build a foundation for you to start your exercise journey on.