You can take your fitness journey from disappointing to confidently achieved and here’s 7 Reasons why you want to do online training with 3S Functional Training

1) It’s so easy to quit:

The exercise that is, not the online training If you don’t have someone to guide, motivate and keep you on track it’s much easier to miss a workout, eat the wrong foods or just give up. Having us as your trainer means you are accountable for your actions.


2) Because doing it by yourself is boring, lonely and frustrating: 

Partnering with us gives you a common goal which makes things much easier, more motivating and so much more fun. It’s now our job to get you the best results not just yours.


3) Because our coaching app keeps you accountable:

We send you daily workouts for strength and cardio, having that structure plus workouts with videos means you can stay motivated and you know what to do and when to do it.


4) Expert help will give you better, faster change:

Having the right information and a plan will keep you on track and moving to where you want to be without injury and with important knowhow when obstacles or plateaus arise.


5) As trainers it’s our job to challenge you to where you wouldn’t go by yourself – and we’re good at it

Trying to make lasting change is simple but not easy. Having we who believe in you and who know you are capable of more will help – guaranteed. 


6) The getting going is easier then you think:

Being online means we can train with you anywhere in the world with limited to no equipment.

7) We offer online classes:

Having online classes via zoom Mondays to Thursdays means you can also work out with in a community, keep motivated and excited about exercise and know what to do.









How to get involved:

Pick up your telephone and call: Neil: 082 554 2674 make an appointment to chat to your online trainer about what you want to achieve and when will best suit you. Do it now to start the process and avoid disappointment. The sooner you call the sooner we can have you on the road to being fit and feeling confident. Alternately email and let us know how we can help you. Call now and get the results you are after.

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